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Photo by: Jeff f.Model: Elizabeth t.Instagram: @YOJEFFF

Photo by: Jeff f.
Model: Elizabeth t.
Instagram: @YOJEFFF

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Anonymous asked:
hi! prom season is coming up and I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to ask a girl to prom? and how did your prom go, if you went? :)

Well here’s how I asked my prom date! LOL. This was a video submission I made for my school to try to win free prom tickets! (We won the tickets ^-^)


And this was a video she made when she surprised me and came back to visit me so we can go to disneyland again.


We don’t really have any videos or photos of prom itself, but I honestly think you should put more effort into the stuff you and your prom date do after prom. Like how we went to disneyland and stuff. LOL. 

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